Perfect Furniture For The Motor Enthusiast.


Perfect Furniture For The Motor Enthusiast

We are here to help you fulfil your dream with high quality bespoke automotive furniture from V8 to full bore V12 engine blocks.  We can build a unique coffee table, television stand or wine rack to your specific requirements.

Whether it's for business or pleasure our hand-made engine tables give a great focal point to any room in your home, office or showroom.

All our products are manufactured from up-cycled automotive engine parts.  Thus each piece is unique with its own special character.

We are able to customise and build tables to your own personal needs and specifications.  So we would love the opportunity to transform your idea into reality.  Stock is limited to what engine blocks are available so talk to us soon so we can source the components needed to complete your commission.

What we can do for you today

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Prebuilt Tables

We have manufactured a range of standard  engine block coffee tables based on V8 engine blocks from Rover, Cosworth and Jaguar.



Lets see if we can build you a unique engine block coffee table.




We would welcome the opportunity to transform your idea into reality.

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