Candy Chrome Side Table

A stunning red crankshaft side table for £400.00

This limited edition table looks great in the corner of your living room. 

The safety glass measures 400 mm in diameter. 

Overall height is approximately 750 mm.

Side Tables built from V8 and V12 engine cranks

Crankshaft side tables V8 engines from £200.00.

Crankshaft side tables V12 engines from £250.00.

These tables look great in living rooms and the taller V12 tables will complete the look of your reception.

The safety glass measures 400 mm in diameter with a polished edge. 

Overall height of the V8 table is approximately 750 mm.

The V12 table is approximately 900 mm tall.

Aston Martin V8 Based Side Table

This prestigious side table is currently unavailable, please call and we can try and sourse the crankshaft.

A fantastic addition to your room or reception.  Comes complete with Aston Martin gel badge.

The safety glass measures 400 mm in diameter with a polished edge, which can easily be removed for transportation. 

Overall height of this V8 table is approximately 620 mm.

*** Please call for colour options for the V8's and a Jaguar V12 option is possible. ***

Colours possible include, chrome, rose gold, candy red, candy blue and full gold.  All these are gorgeous options.

Call to discuss your thoughts and get a quote.


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