Wine Rack feature Table

A lovely focal point for any room for £550.00

Built from a Jaguar straight 6 engine block this feature table has great potential for your home or office.

This statement piece can hold 7 wine bottles to enhance any room.  The finish is a chrome effect powder coat.  The glass is safety glass measuring 400mm in diameter with a polished lip.  The 400 mm diameter safety glass is mounted  with stainless steel  bosses.

Overall height of the table is 820mm.

Various colours are available including a beautiful purple, additional cost may apply.

Range Rover V8 Wine Rack

A Unique Wine Rack for £450.00

This is a classic wine rack built from the Buick derived Rover V8 engine.  This engine is found in a wide variety of cars including Range Rovers and TVR's. 

This wine rack is able to hold 8 bottles in the bores, additionally a 9th bottle on the side.

This engine table has undergone a meticulous process get the showroom finish presented in the photos. Powder coat  gives this reflective bright chrome finish.

Glass measures 400 mm diameter with a polished lip. This glass is toughened  to British Standards. 

Overall height of the table is 790 mm.

*** Please call for colour options for the V8's and a Jaguar V12 option is possible. ***

Colours possible include, chrome, rose gold, candy red, candy blue and full gold.  All these are gorgeous options.

Call to discuss your thoughts and get a quote.

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